Day-to-day Baking Regulations

Baking in your home kitchen as a business owner will look a bit different from baking for your friends and family. Here’s a rundown of the everyday rules:

        • NO pets are allowed in your kitchen while you are baking for business purposes. They must be excluded from the kitchen and kept in another part of the home
        • NO infants or children in the kitchen while you are baking for business purposes
        • NO other food preparation or other familial activities may be concurrent with business preparations
        • NO smoking while you are preparing food for business purposes
        • All food safety and sanitation protocols (per your certification) are strictly followed 
        • As long as ingredients are stored properly, they do NOT need to be kept separate from your family’s regular food (see above about food safety) 
        • Your kitchen must remain pest- and insect-free within all reasonable expectations of sanitation 

Day-to-Day Baking Regulation FAQs:

What if my house has an open floor plan that doesn’t easily allow the exclusion of pets/children?

Everyone’s home is different, but we ask that you think outside the pastry box, as it were, and try your best to keep your business activities exclusive. Baby gates, hanging spring-loaded curtain rods, and baking at odd hours may help you comply with the regulations to the best of your ability. 

Do I need to alter my kitchen in any way?

Not necessarily, but you do want to make sure that you have a potable water supply and cleaning/sanitation products on hand to comply with food handling safety regulations. The point of being able to sell cottage goods is to make things easier for small producers to get their businesses off the ground.