Penalties and Other Information

We’ve waited so long for Cottage Food Laws to come to New Jersey! It’s essential that we understand the scope of the regulations.  Let’s talk about some DOs and DON’Ts, so you don’t face fines and/or penalties:


      • Don’t produce your goods at an address other than that on your permit
      • Don’t fail to label your goods per regulations 
      • Do remember to display the disclaimer about your kitchen not being subject to inspection
      • Do always maintain food safety protocols
      • Don’t forget to mark your major allergens
      • Don’t operate a cottage food business without a valid permit- apply properly and renew on time! 

Failure to comply with regulations will have consequences:

      • Complaints made against your business resulting in a Department of Health inspection; complaints that can trigger an inspection are allegations of mislabeling, misbranding, fraud or adulteration, contamination, and/or food-borne illness
      • If the Department of Health finds that you are not in compliance with the regulations for any of these concerns, penalties can include confiscation of your goods, suspension, or revocation of your permit, cease and desist orders against your business, actionable litigation in Superior Court, and/or monetary penalties 

Should your license be suspended or revoked:

  • You may appeal the decision by requesting, in writing, emergency relief or a public hearing within 30 days of your suspension/revocation 
  • If granted emergency relief or a hearing, all penalties against you will be held in abeyance until relief is granted or until your hearing is completed
  • Upheld monetary penalties will be paid within 45 days of the conclusion of the hearing
  • Upheld suspensions, revocations, and refusals to renew are at the final discretion of the Department of Health 

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