Where You Can Sell and Advertise

There are important regulations regarding the sale of your goods, including how and where you can sell them and how they may be delivered. We’ve split this section into what you can and what you can’t do for clarification purposes. 

How and Where You Can Sell and Advertise:

        • Clients may pay for and pick up their items at your home in NJ
        • You may deliver and accept payment for items at your clients’ homes in NJ
        • You may deliver to an NJ event venue and accept payment directly from the client or their pre-determined agent (such as a wedding planner or family member)
        • You may sell your items directly at farmers’ markets and pop-up retail events within New Jersey
          • You must display a placard with your Cottage Food Operator Number and the disclaimer, “This food is prepared pursuant to N.J.A.C. 8:24-11 in a home kitchen that has not been inspected by the Department of Health.”
        • You may sell your goods to people with whom you have a direct relationship (friends, family, co-workers, etc.)
        • You may use the internet for advertising, accepting orders and payments, and corresponding with clients
        • You may use the USPS or other commercial carriers to deliver non-food promotional items like flyers and coupons

How and Where You Can’t Sell and Advertise:

        • You may not sell your items indirectly via wholesale or retail/resale agreement with a third party
        • You may not sell your items across state lines (no delivery or markets outside of New Jersey)
        • You may not ship your items via the USPS nor any other commercial carrier
        • You may not offer goods for immediate consumption in your home beyond sampling for client consultations (specifically, your home is NOT to be treated as a sit-down bakery or food establishment)
        • You may not deliver goods to anyone other than the client or their pre-determined agent