Who we are

We are an association on a mission to EDUCATE, SUPPORT, and ORGANIZE New Jersey’s Home Baking Community in an effort to legalize the sale of Non-Potentially Hazardous home-produced goods.

To accomplish this we are pursuing and actively supporting the legislation directly associated with the sale of non-potentially hazardous goods baked in a private home.

Communicating our goals through every available channel has enabled the creation of a strong grassroots movement with a presence throughout the state. Our group is comprised of home bakers capable and willing to organize and rally behind the cause.

Achieving our goal will allow New Jersey’s Bakers economic freedom and opportunity to provide their services for profit. Legalizing the sale of home-baked goods will, in turn, create small businesses, supplement incomes, allow for artistic expression and bring NJ into the fold with the other 49 states that have already embraced Cottage Food Laws.